Thais Botinas

Director and creator

Thais Botinas has always combined diverse disciplines: theatre, performance and audio-visual. After intensive creative experience in diverse projects (Teatro de los Sentidos, Stephen Taylor, Peter Greenaway, Allan Kaprow) as well as cultural management and production work (La Quimera, L’animal a l’esquena), she now works on her own projects. This is the first time that she is presenting a creation of her own. BA Degree in Art History by the Unviersity of Barcelona. PHD by the Universiteit van Amsterdam and UB. Degree  in Documentary TV video by UPF Unversity, Barcelona. Currently she is part of the team that presented The Golden Ball at FiraTàrrega in September 2011.

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Marga Socias and Gabriel Hernández

Marga Socias (cocreator and perfomer at Let’s play?) and Gabriel Hernández (technical director at Let’s play?)

Marga and Gabriel have created Planeta 15 and are dedicated to creating and building recreational/sensorial installations. Their work focuses on stimulating the senses of the visitors in order to bring out memories and encourage imagination. Gabriel has been working for 20 years in the Teatro de los Sentidos where he is now the technical director. Marga is an educator and creator of the Big Book of the Secret Addresses. They have just presented their last creation, an special labyrinth called The Golden Ball at FiraTàrrega.

Julià Carboneras

Music and sound

Julià is a telecommunications engineer and musician. He has composed soundtacks for theatre productions, dance and multimedia. He has developed numerous projects and interactive sound installations. He was awarded with the VIDA prize for productions in 2008 by the Telefónica Foundation and also the first prize of the festival ARTE Mov from  Brazil, among others. He is currently technical director of MediaEstruch in Sabadell (Spain).

Nelson Jara

Actor i especialista en olors

Actor permanent i investigador de Teatro de los Sentidos en els muntatges de la companyia des de l’any 2002. Formador dels cicles de tallers de Poètiques dels sentits i imatge sensorial en el Polvorí de Montjuïc a Barcelona. Llicenciat per la Universitat Nacional de Colòmbia amb títol de Dissenyador Industrial i amb estudis en escenografia i teatre. Des de l’any 1990 ha col.laborat amb Fundació Casa del Silenci, Tahuromante Teatre, Teatre Caixa Negra i amb Teatro de los Sentidos en les produccions (El hilo de Ariadna, Oráculos, La memoria del vino, La Huella, El mundo al revés i el Eco de la Sombra).

Júlia Falgàs


BA Degree in Humanities UPF Barcelona. Fascinated by the instant composition and improvisation movement of bodies in a specific time, space and imaginary, she studied theater, music and dance since 1993 in various schools and teachers to the present. Since 1997 she has collaborated with La Perla per la Dansa in Celrà,  Maçart Festival, the DID in Girona, in Girona Temps de Flors,… In 2010 participates in a site-specific action in the MAPA Festival. She has also made their own individually projects like Books (2010) and Mmmm (2010). Her last work was the performance at The Golden Ball, FiraTàrrega 2011.

Anna Casas


Started her acting education in Memory, School of Musical Theatre and in Nancy Tuñón, dramatic art school . Since she finished her studies, she is always in continuous formation in diferent disciplines (music, body language, chanting..). Casas started her professional carreer in a children TV series, “Club Super 3″ as Ruïnosa, a very popular roll in Catalonia. She has appeared in several spanish and catalan TV series as “Estació d’enllaç”, “Laberint d’ombres”, “Ventdel Plà”, etc.

She has worked in theater in plays like  “Aprima’t en 3 dies” directed by Cristina Pavarotti, “Troianes”, directed by Àlex Rigola, and “Lorca eran todos” directed by Pepe Rubianes. She also worked in comedies like  “5 women wearing the same dress”, by Allan Ball and “Die Kleinbürgerhochtzeit” by Brecht.


Manolo Sierra


Painter born in Cadiz in 1973, licensed in the speciality of sculpture from the Faculty of Fine arts of Seville and Carrara (Italy). Lived in Italy and Holland and has crossed a great part of Latin America, from Patagonia up to Mexico. He combines his pictorial activity with engraving and illustration. He has exhibited in diverse galleries (Spain, Belgium, Guatemala, Finland, The Arab Emirates) and has been selected in national prizes of contemporary art: the Autumn lounge of the Caja Extremadura, BMW, Fundació Vila-Casas, and rewarded in the contest of the SalaParés of Barcelona.

Sandro Bedini


Born in a family of artists and trained in Fine Arts, Sandro Bedini combines his work as a muralist with teaching and painting in small format. After years devoted to window dressing and decoration, decides to focus exclusively in mural painting, where pictorial and scenic aspects get together to create a totally unique and integrated atmosphere, integrated in space and derived from the study of each particular situation.

Carlus Camps i Torner


Twenty years related to meditation, Qi Gong, tai chi and modern dance. Since 1987 works in the audiovisual and since 1996 works in digital format. Director under the command of José Maria Nunes of the movie “Amigoguima” co-produced by TV3. Technical Director of the Vadfestival in Girona, from 2003 until 2008. For the past 12 years he has been documenting the evolution of the Montessori method in the classrooms of Palau school at Girona. His last show in progress is: A Universe of Yours, monologue about the universe and videographic images.

Andrea Ferrés

Documentary photographer

Freelance photographer and sensorial art director, with a degree in civil engineering. In 2002 she won a scholarship from the Fondazione Industria where she studied synesthesia at the Università dell’Immagine in Milan. With her work she tries to communicate directly with the heart, preventing most of the info-flow from being processed by the brain. She has worked for Symrise, Ikea, J&Jhonson, Trienale di Milano, Henkel, Natura… And has been published by Stern, Traveller, LaVanguardia, El Periódico, Iodona, SpendIn… among others. Currently she is working on the relaunch of the magazine ‘Emporda Guia’ in Catalunya.

Imma Bové


Communication and PR (ESMA Barcelona).CulturalManagement-UB.Specialisation insubsidies and funding-UdG.
In May 2010 she createsand managesthe company specialized inmanagement, pre-production, production and cultural funding:GRCultural.
Currently working onthe following cultural projects:Playground – XaviBobés (Insomni: Iberescena- On tour in Argentina, Mexico and Brasil); Cultura Fractal and Ajuntament de Girona (AENVERS); VESC andFactoriaMascaró (PLEC Mercat de Dansa); David Berga (Automatàrium); Guy Nader and Maria Campos (Zenith); MaiteOliva (WikiArtMap) and Thaïs Botinas (Let’s Play?).

Neus Oriol

Press Comunication

Graduated in Teaching in the field of Music. Postgraduate diploma in Music Management (UdG) and Production and Management of Live Shows (UB). With a knowledge in nonviolent communication and education for peace, she gets
involved in social theatre as a tool for social change. She has experience in cultural production and management, in both theatre and music fields. In the last few years she has collaborated with Cia T de Teatre, taken part in projects such as L’Associació de Teatre Social de l’Oprimida/it Kilalia, as well as she has worked as a Community Manager for the company 3xtr3s in charge of Victoria and Poliorama theatres in Barcelona.