What is it?

Let’s play? is an interactive and site-specific installation that reflects upon play, the process of gaining knowledge and game rules (awarded by Catalan Arts Council grant-CONCA).

Let’s play? is the result of an artistic investigative project on the process of understanding “play” and the limits of behaviour.

Let’s play? is a short voyage in which the audience participates actively and individually. Each person, one at a time, passes through a set route where he or she is the protagonist

The question…

The idea of this installation began with a question: how would you react if we had to learn all the new codes of behaviour of a completely unknown world? Let’s play? is a game based on this premise. A game that leads to fun and confusion, and encourages us to look at things through new eyes.

On a deeper level, this game causes other issues to resonate within us: Is there any relationship between the limits that were imposed on us as individual children, and the limits within which we behave today as adults? Why do the large majority of people not do what they really want to do? Are we born free and then domesticated?

The seed…

Let’s play? is an open project and therefore dynamic. It is the fruit of a small seed planted in 2009, when the directors of the Festival Ingràvid invited me to prepare a short play that was presented within the framework of the Festival of Contemporary Culture of the city of Figueras in the auditorium of Museum of Contemporary arts of the l’Empordà, in September 2009. It had already been presented at Estruch de Sabadell in October 2011 and it will now be premiered at Temporada Alta Festival in October the 12th and 13th and at Olot Theatre in October the 25 and 26.

Thanks to the research grant awarded by the Arts Council of the Catalan Government and, above all, to the effort of our team, we have been able to keep working on this project.


Let’s play? is an installation created by Thaïs Botinas. Set construction and lighting: Gabriel Hernández. Sound: Julià Carboneras. Scenography: Sandro Bedini. Sculpture. Aromas: Nelson Jara. Cast: Júlia Falgas, Thais Botinas, Marga Socías, Sandro Bedini and Anna Casas. Production: Imma Bové. Comunication: Neus Oriol