If you are interested in programming Let’s play? or if you need any more details about the installation please contact us and we will send you all sort of information, including our cachet (fee).

Let’s play? is not dedicated to children, instead we try to make an adult public feel that they are in a new place where they do not know the rules.

Currently there are two versions of Let’s play?: the small-format, which lasts 6 minutes per person and the large-format, which lasts 25 minutes per person, each session lasting three hours. 60 people can participate per session.

Let’s play? can be presented as an independent work in festivals, museums, theatres and all kind of institutions concerned with the dissemination of contemporary arts.

This installation adapts to many different types of spaces.  As previously stated, the installation is versatile. It is essential however, that there are three separate, but connected, areas: for example an entrance, a large central space and the exit area. Further spaces would permit us to enhance the installation.

The size of the central space may vary between a strict minimum of 30 m2 and an approximate maximum of 100 m2. Our aim is that the space creates an itinerary that enables a flow of one visitor every 4 minutes. In this way we maximize attendance but the visitors never coincide. The main room should be in total darkness. The floor must be black, preferably carpeted.

Another great advantage of the versatility of the installation is that Let’s play? can be programmed not only in halls and theaters, but also can be presented in spaces that don not usually host these types of cultural initiatives. E.g.old factories, abandoned plots, buildings in rural areas. In fact, almost any building has the potential to house the installation.

We have confirmed a residency and public presentation the 14th October 2011 at the Arts Live Factory of Sabadell, (Ca l’Estruch) in Barcelona. In order to keep the project moving forward we are looking for all kinds of production support. For example, we have already applied for the current government subsidies from different institutions (The City Council of Girona, the Spanish Ministry of Culture and the Provincial Council of Girona). We have already received the economical support of the The Arts Council of the Catalan State Government.

On an international stage, we have the advantage of the installation not being based on language and instead using silence punctuated  only by a few key words. In addition, the Let’s play? team is composed of people from different disciplines and backgrounds and all team members are multilingual and capable of performing in Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Italian. This permits the installation to travel easily and to connect with an international audience.

This is the first time I have presented a creation of my own and I am aware that there is a form of syncretism involved in the different artistic styles I have worked with (both the audiovisual and performing arts worlds). To be honest, even when working with great artists such as Peter Greenaway, Stephen Taylor and Allan Kaprow, sometimes I felt, during certain scenes, that we as perfomers were experiencing deeper, more intense sensations than the audience. Therefore, in this project I definitely wanted to focus on a scenic style where the spectator is the absolute protagonist.