Vídeo Let’s Play? Theatre of Olot

5 minutes video

Let’s Play? is a sensorial and unique theatrical experience that gives us wonderful presents. The most special of all presents is the audience.
5′ Video produced by Qualia and Fang about the Feedback of the audience who came at the Principal Theater of Olot on the 25th and 26th of October.

Let’s Play? in 1 minute

1 minute teaser

Video of a sensorial and unique theatrical experience produced by Qualia.


La Malla

Minute 05:16

La malla (cultural program of NetWork of local Televisions in Catalonia)

Videos and interviews of Let’s play? at Festival Ingràvid, 2009.

TV3: TN migdia

Minute 00:20-1:30

TV3: Let’s Play at the Daily News Broadcast from the Catalan national television station TV3